Making Commerce, Webform & Group play nicely together

I have recently worked on a complex Drupal website. I'll be going through how architectural decisions were made, the challenges and solutions chosen. I'll be helping you avoid mistakes that were nearly made.

I'll be showing how I built a Quote builder with Webform, and based on the criteria selected, chose relevant Drupal Commerce products from a list of 5000 and added them to the cart. I'll be sharing how I harnessed the power of the Group module to build 4 tiers of access control including staff, branches, head offices and client users.


Keynote : Lessons Learnt From A Decade In Drupal

During the past 10 years I have had quite a journey with Drupal. It started in 2007 while I was at university, then I continued learning it when I graduated and became a freelancer. 

Since then many things changed from being a hobbyist learner, to teaching new developers and users what I've learnt. 

During this session I'll be sharing the key moments and learnings that were significant for me so that you can benefit from my learnings and save time.