27 August 2016
I was recently using Drupal 8’s awesome Configuration Management to export configuration from my local environment to a Dev environment and ran into an error. I’ll explain how I fixed it below.
4 August 2016
From time to time I find it interesting to review the service providers on the Drupal Marketplace to see who is contributing the most. It can be difficult to see them all at a glance so I started making this list to make it easier. Surprisingly this list now shows 108 service providers.
29 June 2016
I have just returned from Drupal Developer Days (DDD) which was held in Milan, Italy this year. 400 people from around the world gathered for 6 days of working together, learning and talking about Drupal.

The event has been taking place since it started in Munich in 2010 since which time it has been held in Brussels, Barcelona, Dublin, Szeged, Montpelier. It now sits firmly on the annual calendar of events in Europe on a similar weight with the DrupalCons.

I was very glad to return as it was one of my favourite events during my trip to the 2014 edition held in Szeged, Hungary. I was sad to miss last year's DDD which took place in Montpelier, but getting married is a pretty good excuse :)
7 March 2016
Now in its 4th consecutive year, DrupalCamp London is one of six annual camps in the UK and the 2nd largest in Europe with 600 attendees.
1 January 2016
I was very fortunate to be able to attend all of the UK camps for the first time in 2015, which was very rewarding for me. It helped me with

Growing my network in the community and better understanding how variety of different skillsets help us on projects
Inspiration to learn new things including improving my knowledge of performance, scalability and front end development
Seeing real life case studies and having the opportunity to ask questions to the teams behind them.