22 February 2018
Periodically you'll get a big error, screw git or composer up royally, but still want a clean, fresh copy of the site as it is the Dev or Production site.

That happened to me on the day before a big QA review. Here are the steps I ran to help you out too:
2 November 2017
One of the great things about traveling to a Drupal camp in another country is the ability to see the culture through the local people’s eyes, and also have some things planned for you. Not to mention the thrill of learning the language, but most importantly ordering tasty food in the local language gives me an excitement that web development can’t compete with.
18 October 2017
This weekend I had the pleasure of giving my first keynote talk at a Drupal camp. The event was MoldCamp, in Chisinau which is in Moldova. It was such an honour to be present for the first of what will be many international editions of the camp. The camp had been held before in 2014 and 2015.
8 October 2017
In April 2017, Drupal, WordPress & Joomla community leads from across the UK came together to organise one of the world’s first Open Source Sprints. It was organised by Robert Castelo from Drupal, Jenny Wong from WordPress & Brian Teeman from Joomla.
5 October 2017
At DrupalCon Vienna I had the pleasure of meeting Greg Anderson & Ryan Aslett. Greg is a Open Source Contributions Engineer at Pantheon & Ryan is the Testbots/Composer/QA/Infra Engineer at the Drupal Association. The main DrupalCon had finished the previous day, but as there were still a few people around, they had organised a hotel lobby sprint along with Joël Pittet.