Drupal discount at PHP UK Conference 2019

7 February 2019

I'm delighted to announce that I've managed to negotiate a discount for Drupal community members with the PHP UK Conference 2019 organising team. I went to the conference a few years and helped out as a volunteer there and it was a really great event. I met lots of new people, in addition to a few familiar faces, everyone was super welcoming and I'd encourage you all to go along. 

Now in it's 14th year, with 3 simultaneous tracks and 30 hand-picked speakers, it's bigger and better than ever before! See the schedule.

It's important for each of the sub-communities in PHP including Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Laravel & others to mix more so we can better work together, support eachother and make Open Web better.

The event starts with a workshop on Wednesday 20th February which as of writing only has 2 tickets left, so grab them quickly. After that there is a pub night with a talk by Michael Cullum (one of the coolest & friendliest people in the PHP UK community I've met to date) on "Machine Learning and Trend Analysis in PHP". If for any reason you can't come to the conference, you're still welcome to come along.

The main conference is on Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd February. There will be keynotes by Katerina Trajchevska and also Thijs Feryn who I recently saw give a hilarious and insightful talk at DrupalCamp Belgium in Ghent last November.

After the main event on Thursday there will be a social night with free drinks & burgers, so you know where I'll be.

Once the conference ends on Friday, there will a surprise event which is still currently under wraps.

I hope to see you there! Use the voucher code DRUPAL_LOVES_PHP to save £25 on the Thursday & Friday conference ticket.

If you're going to be coming, please RSVP on the London Drupal User Group event I've created so we can see who will be joining.

PS. In case that schedule looks full on, there will be rest areas, a weekend after it to recover and lots of coffee!